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Restaurant and museum we have a big gama of traditional tools.
Specialists in traditional and Mediterranean cuisine, we have products for celiacs, capacity for more than 350 diners, garden areas, park and children's room and private pool.
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Art and cuisine hand in hand

José María Ramírez



Over 20 year

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Antequera and its environment

Antequera is one of the most important cities in Andalusia. All a reference in history, art and culture. In an strategic location, Antequera has played a key role throughout history, establishing in it numerous cultures. In this way, he city has a great cultural and monumental wealth. In fact , already in Roman times was denominated like Anticaria ("Old City"). Few towns have an artistic and monumental heritage as numerous and varied as the one that treasures this city, located at the foot of the famous Sierra de El Torcal.

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